Global Impact

The Burger King Foundation has supported literacy and education projects globally by building schools and libraries, supporting awareness and education campaigns around crucial local topics, and providing opportunities for Burger King employees to make an impact in their local communities. By partnering with area organizations and franchisees who are already embedded in both grassroots programming and existing funding efforts, the Foundation magnifies BK’s impact across the world.

Latin America & the Caribbean

Burger King Brazil partners with Movimento Arrendondar to inspire customers to round up their purchase to support education-based projects. The total collected supports 15 social organizations whose shared objective is to offer a better future to thousands of Brazilians. In 2023, Burger King Brazil was able to raise over $181,000 to support community organizations.

Similarly, since 2001, Burger King has supported hundreds of students in Jamaica through a partnership-driven National Scholarship Programme. Scholarships are available to students as they move from primary to secondary and secondary school to university. Funding for scholarships covers the cost of schooling in addition to books and is awarded based on need, athletic ability, or academic excellence. Scholarships are open to students outside of the BK community as well as employees fitting the criteria.

Burger King franchisees in Jamaica have carried the torch for these scholarship programs and their ongoing expansion, and, in doing so, have propelled students’ access to education.

Europe & the Middle East

RBI Iberia raised funds for the Red Cross through a collaborative initiative with Replanta Pachamama, a project created to build awareness and safeguard the biodiversity of five Spanish forests. Over 500 trees have been planted which will support an absorption of 800 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas per year. This initiative will also provide opportunities to carry out other important environmental work in the region. In 2023, Burger King UK donated over $107,000 to UK Youth, a leading charity with a vision that all young people are equipped to thrive and empowered to contribute at every stage in their life. With an open network of 8,000 youth organizations and national partners, UK Youth supports young people with safe spaces, mental health support, and employability training.

Asia Pacific & Africa

For more than 15 years, alongside Room to Read, the Burger King Foundation has been able to impact 153 schools and over 120,000 students. Room to Read is a leading nonprofit in children’s literacy and girls’ education across Asia and Africa. Their mission is to create a world free from literacy and gender inequality. Since 2012, the Foundation has funded over 200 projects and impacted 240,000 children and families through libraries, schools, literacy programs, and local language children’s books in South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Cambodia, India, and Nepal.

Most recently, the Burger King Foundation was able to support Room to Read programs in India, South Africa, and Sri Lanka to benefit over 1,000 children in pursuit of a quality education.


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